Benefits for the client

Because the challenge of competing is even more difficult today. Success depends on optimizing all processes, from the unloading, the warehouse and the order fulfillment in the warehouse, to the efficient delivery to the final client.

At Logistock, our purpose is to help our customers focus their resources and efforts on what they do best, which is the essence of their business. We are committed to do what we know best: outsource logistics processes efficiently.

Given the benefits that it entails, leaving all the management of your warehouse in the hands of your operator can be one of the most strategic decisions you can take:

  • Facilities adapted to the needs of each client.
  • Application of labor risk prevention regulations. 
  • Flexibility and cost reduction 
  • Variability of costs (price per package, kg, shipment ...)  
  • Providing the necessary human resources and means 
  • Reduction of costs (of 10% in the logistic cost) 
  • Increased reliability in the preparation of orders: 0.5 per 1,000 lines shipped.
  • Experience in subrogation and complex process management 
  • Continuous improvement and increase of productivity

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