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Operator Logistok

We are experts in logistics operations in Barcelona and the rest of Spain

We treat all the goods following protocols and quality standards to guarantee their manipulation at the same logistic level. We also carry out permanent checks that allow us to locate and know the status of your products from receipt to packaging and subsequent distribution, seeking to offer excellence in all of our integral logistics services.

Logistock (previously EDILOG Logistica Editorial) was founded in 1994 by Mr. Marc Senserrich to satisfy, at that time, the growing need of the publishing sector in Catalonia, regarding the outsourcing of the management of its warehouses.

With a clear focus on diversifying and the entrepreneurial spirit, in 2008 new customers are being added, allowing us to adapt to new specialized services, in such a way that the Company is transformed into a multi-sectoral Logistic operator, gradually increasing, until today, the fidelity and satisfaction of our customers.

As integral logistic operators, our commitment is not simply to rationalize costs, but to provide efficiency in the logistics processes and to help our clients to increase the productivity of their Company, making us your long-term partner.

Servicios De Almacenaje Y Logistica Barcelona
"Strong service attitude, customer orientation, teamwork, flexibility and integrity, continuous improvement, transparency, people management and social commitment."


To be an integral logistic operator of reference in Catalonia that covers all the operational needs of its clients, with the highest level of satisfaction thanks to the quality, flexibility and efficiency offered.


QUALITY: We strive to provide quality services, understood as an incident-free service.

COMMITMENT: We focus our services to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers by adding value to their businesses. 

RESPONSABILITY: We make sure to perform all the tasks taking into account the compliance with the legislation and legal jurisprudence in matters of logistics, imports and merchandise exports.  

RIGUROSITY: We treat all of the goods of our clients with due diligence, following protocols of control and security.


To provide our clients with a direct approach to the essence of their own business, by efficiently outsourcing their company's logistics processes.