Storage and distribution

If you want to optimize the management of your warehouses, opt for outsourcing. At Logistock we take care of the storage and distribution of your goods, carrying out a rigorous control of the products and an exhaustive planning of their routes and dates of delivery.

We receive, examine, store, pack and transport your products taking into account the condition and material of the same for their correct distribution in perfect conditions.

More and more companies leave their warehouse logistics in the hands of professionals to get the main advantages of outsourcing their warehouse:

  • More flexibility in the face of market and demand fluctuations.

  • Better knowledge and clarity of logistics costs. 

  • Decrease in investor risk. 

  • Increased productivity and service levels. 

  • Access to higher performance equipment and services. 

  • Improved service at the lowest cost. 

  • Possibility of retraining of the personnel. 

  • Amortization of the equipment of the own logistics system

Logistock complies with the legal requirements to regulate and improve the flow of goods from procurement to delivery. Guaranteeing an excellent service of storage and distribution that fits perfectly to the needs of the customer.

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Servicios de almacenaje y distribución

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