Warehousing Services

The logistics warehouse aims to optimize the distribution of products thanks to a correct warehouse management that ensures the continuous and uninterrupted supply of goods.

With more than 16,000 m2 of storage capacity on shelves of 12,000 pallets and 22,000 m3, our facilities are equipped for the storage of all types of goods. From locations in conventional shelves of high pallets or products of special dimensions to boxes or units of products in shelves of medium load.

Likewise, we have a Low Cost Storage service designed for those companies that need to store products that are unsold, obsolete or of very low turnover and that do not have to be next to the products of the day to day. This frees up the space occupied by products with virtually no movement but which need to be stored as documentary resources, files and records of little consultation.

Our storage service provides:

  • Management of goods reception, container unloading, palletizing, identification, FIFO / LIFO control and location.
  • Preparation of orders according to needs: picking, cross docking, etc. Warehouse equipped with Radio Frequency, allowing them to have WEB access in real time to their stocks. 
  • Our quality management system is certified via the European standard ISO 9001: 2008. 
  • We also have the sanitary registration for the storage and transport of packaged food products: RSIPAC 40.07293 / CAT Special and promotional manipulations. 
  • Computer support that allows by Internet in real time, check your stocks, goods receipts-exits, etc ... (own user and password are assigned to access the information) 
  • Alarm systems with tele-surveillance, plus night surveillance contracted

Through this service you can store all kinds of products at the most competitive rate on the market. We also have a space dedicated exclusively to the custody of those pallets of goods or products, whose order of preparation and delivery can be requested 42 hours in advance.

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Warehousing Services

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